Thursday, June 12, 2014

upcoming talks: new Django, also concurrency

In development are my next three talks.  The first is a short one (~20 mins) on "New Stuff in Django 1.7" which highlights things added or extended over the last two years.  Next is the major feature for 1.7, "Django Migrations in 1.7".  TLDR: it's like a simpler, nicer South.
The third talk is on "Plentiful Perplexities in Parallel Python."  There are at least five different ways to do have multiple things be running at once -- I'll go over them in terms of ease-of-use, generality, and reliability/ease of debugging.  There's a lot of non-intuitive features and side effects. I'll go over the most common.
I'm always looking for ideas for new talks and classes.  Please email me!


  1. Are you giving these talks somewhere, or posting them?
    Old friend, new follower...


  2. hi Wook! An excellent question. I go to a number of local Meetups, and will speak at either the Python and/or Django groups. I'll post here when I give the next one. Slides from my last talk "Django QuerySets and Functional Programming" are on my blog -- Post if you'd like me to work up something else, I have about 20 talks(!) brewing in my head.
    Cheers, Wook!