Thursday, June 12, 2014

upcoming talks: new Django, also concurrency

In development are my next three talks.  The first is a short one (~20 mins) on "New Stuff in Django 1.7" which highlights things added or extended over the last two years.  Next is the major feature for 1.7, "Django Migrations in 1.7".  TLDR: it's like a simpler, nicer South.
The third talk is on "Plentiful Perplexities in Parallel Python."  There are at least five different ways to do have multiple things be running at once -- I'll go over them in terms of ease-of-use, generality, and reliability/ease of debugging.  There's a lot of non-intuitive features and side effects. I'll go over the most common.
I'm always looking for ideas for new talks and classes.  Please email me!