Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DevOps in Southern California

If you're a networking/DevOps person in Southern California, here is a meetup I recommend:

UUASC - on Meetup

The UNIX Users Association of Southern California is mostly about DevOps and system administration.  The last talk I attended was on Google's Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a lightweight system for deploying, scaling, and maintaining containerized applications. You can run on top of nearly anything: bare metal, Vagrant, AWS, Google GKE, OpenStack, Mesos... the list is enormous.

We meet monthly, normally at Q in Howard Hughes Center. Jordan and Carolyn are open and sweet people.  The audience is generally ~30, and can be quite lively. I gave a "Tricking Out the Linux Kernel Networking Stack" talk last year, and it was helpful to have people let me know which slides were too simplistic, and which material was controversial. Unlike many meetups, the group is is very experienced, and can help put "new hotness" technologies in contrast to other solutions. It's really important to know when and why to use technology, and how it can work in concert with other techniques.