Friday, April 26, 2013

oooo: jQuery annotated source

Being able to easily read library source code is a very wonderful thing. I used this for years to become a better Python programmer.  The Twisted library is a bear, but the code is beautiful and clear.  Here's an annotated version of jQuery:

robflaherty/jquery-annotated-source @ GitHub

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

interesting database performance article

Postgres doesn't support that much compression directly. These guys decided to take the performance hit of compressing/decompressing things at the filesystem layer... but it's actually *faster*. Turns out I/O bound stuff like the database, even if you spend more CPU on compression, there are multiplicative effects if the data is smaller.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Android video player that plays DVDs!

After a *lot* of challenges I'd given up on playing straight DVDs on the Mele Android media player.  Great news: Wondershare Player will play DVDs, including menus!

Wondershare Player: The Best Android Video Player

It also has very good direct "play from server hard drive" feature, which is quite nice. You don't need to mess with CifsMounter and other things.

Alas the configuration isn't that hot. During playback you can scan back and forth, turn subtitles on, and change the aspect ratio, and that's about it. For some reason it'll play a DVD structure via a network share, but not from the same share mounted locally.

But, progress!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mele media player notes #3


After testing another half dozen Android video players(!), I'm getting happy with this setup:

  • external hard drive, formatted as NTFS. This is connected to a Cisco E3200 router, then shared with the network.
  • computer mounts shared drive, rips DVDs.  (On the workstation, I rip videos using Handbrake, the "Android High" preset.)
  • Mele media player also mounts above drive, plays video files.

Android media player apps

Media players tend to be not so hot for choosing video files to play. Here's the current batch of Android software:

  • "MX Player Pro" for playback.  It generally works well.
  • "ES File Explorer" for finding video files.
  • "CifsManager" to mount external network share with media files.

Android setup

  • Use the workstation to find the right network parameters to mount your shared drive off the router.  In my case, the magic phrase was "//"
  • Plug this in to CifsManager on the Mele media player
  • Navigate to the above directory using Explorer. Save as a "Shortcut" to the desktop.
  • Using the desktop shortcut, play one video, selecting "MX Player Pro" as the way you always want to handle videos.

After all this rigmarole you have a "Videos" folder on the media player desktop, which gives you a manageable list of videos stored on the network share.