Friday, October 2, 2015

Learning Python Programming

I give a number of talks on Python and other subjects. The two universal questions I get are:

- how can I... learn Python? get better at Python? learn programming?

- which web framework should I use?

There's a number of resources for learning programming with Python. Here are my favorites:

- Girl Develop It

This (USA) national organization helps train women (and men) in learning web and software development. In the Los Angeles area they have classes nearly every weekend. My girlfriend took the "CSS" and "Javascript" classes and found them rewarding.

As an experienced dev who wants teaching experience, the organization itself is pretty easy to get in to. You can be a TA (teacher assistant) or work up to being a Teacher.  You can be paid or donate your salary to the national nonprofit.

I've taught a number of people, and found working with beginners to be humbling. They always ask insightful questions. As a teacher, to be clear and patient is a wonderful skill.

- MakerSquare

This organization has an intensive "boot camp" in which you work, full time, for three months on training up to become a professional Javascript programmer. They also have "keep your day job" night class sessions.  Reportedly 96% of graduates get a professional Programming job in three months! Locations in Austin, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

- Hack Night at Carbon Five

It's great fun to bring your laptop and projects to meet other geeks. This event is super chill and it's easy to talk to people and learn new things!

- Learn to Code with Us

I've been to the Culver City location (at Crash Space, a great hacker space), and it was a lot of fun. Lots of people work on projects. Michelle is very quiet and open, doing one-on-ones with people to help install Python or other software, or she'll help with general programming questions.