Wednesday, May 21, 2014

talk: Functional Programming and Django QuerySets

slides -- source on GitHub

My talk yesterday went well!  I warned a few people that their brains would explode, but in a good way.  It seemed everyone understood the material, and they had three different types of beer for jogging the little grey cells. Success!

For further reference, check the last slide for great stuff to read, or use these links:

Functional Programming HOWTO by Andy Kuchling -- clearly written, with tons of answers to "what?" and "why?", along with lots of Python examples

Can Your Programming Language Do This? by Joel Spolsky -- not Python specific

Wikipedia: Functional Programming -- clear, general use cases

Using Django querysets effectively by Dave Hall -- great, very useful for Django

Thanks to all who came out to learn new stuff. My hour talk was only a brief sketch, but it was a lot of fun to hang out and share knowledge. As always I learn from every single question people have. Thank you so much.

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