Wednesday, April 22, 2009

network monitor?

Dear Lazyweb, I want a web-based display of everything that's happening on my network. This is easy, and there are dozens of apps for this, however I also want:

- easy to install. "apt-get install beer && firefox http://localhost/beer" should do it.

- default install doesn't ask me for a MySQL root password, or have me edit a something configuration something plugin something, I just want to see roughly what it looks like and does.

- default install should show me something about the local machine (and hopefully, the local network) w/o editing a zillion configuration files.

- hopefully web-based, but a X11 application is good too.

Ideas? Here are some that fail the test:
- Nagios. Lots of stuff, but fails the "show me now" test.
- Munin. A little lighter than Nagios, but similarly uncommunicative.
- Cacti. Well, maybe I'll give this one another five minutes to find the URL.
- Monit. Awesome *very* fast and light web-based tool, alas lacks pretty graphs. It's a distributed process-control tool.
- Tomato. Awesome, very pretty, lots of interactive graphs. Only monitors itself, the router.
- Gkrellm. Fast graphs, not ugly. Only monitors one machine at a time.
- Conky. Similar to gkrellm(?)


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